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Livestream Procaster is our free desktop app for Mac and PC that can broadcast your camera and screen to the web, mobile devices and Facebook in a single click! You can learn more about Livestream Procaster here.

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For more information about Livestream Procaster, visit our userguide.

Livestream is the simplest way to broadcast your events live on the internet and to mobile devices. Now it's also the easiest way to livestream to your fans on Facebook... and it's free!

Do it yourself

Get any camera/webcam or produced video feed and download Livestream Procaster - our free desktop app for Mac and PC. Stream live in one-click to Facebook, your channel page on, your website, and mobile devices. Everything will be recorded and made available in an on-demand library. Livestream Procaster is available for Mac or PC, and it's completely free!

Let the professionals do it for you

We can develop custom Facebook live streaming applications to suit your needs, including pay-per-view, donation, 'like-to-watch', live-blogging, multi-channel and much more (see an example application made for Facebook Live). We can also help you produce your show (watch the Livestream Productions music showreel). Email for information and pricing.